Shoulders are hot! They’re sexy. The skin’s smooth and they often get the first kiss of summer sun. They’re one of the last places on the body to show age and, luckily, this season’s High Street is in love with them.

We started seeing ‘cold shoulder’ tops en masse last year, and gypsy tops are reigning the High Street this summer. It’s great news for anyone preferring to hide their upper arms, as you retain coverage where you need it, but get to show some sexy, sun kissed skin besides.

Bare shoulders can take you anywhere. They’re just as ‘at home’ at the supermarket shop as they are with heels for your night out, because there’s something quite wholesome about a shoulder. There’s no whiff of sexy cleavage, no try-hard midriff, and no ‘should I really still be above the knee?’ anxiety. A bare shoulder is effortlessly sexy, and just begs for a kiss.

This season has sexy shoulders across all genres: lace and crochet, nautical stripes, gypsy styles, not to mention tops, dresses and playsuits. And what’s more, a sexy shoulder cares little for your dress size, and creates the perfect diversion from wobbly thighs.

If I had a euro for every lady that complained about her upper arms, I wouldn’t need to run Heaven Boutique, but it’s by far the part of the body my customers like least about themselves. I could tell you (indeed I do tell my customers) that no-one is looking at their upper arms, people are far too concerned with their own foibles, but I know it’s all about the way you feel. So, if you’re unhappy with your upper arms this season, grab cold-shoulders and gypsy necklines by the arm-full. I would like to say they’ll be around again next summer, but fashion is a fickle mistress and who knows what next year will bring.

A word to the wise – Heaven Boutique is ALWAYS looking out for shoulder-loving, arm-covering designs, because we know that’s how you roll!