Beyonce hits the headlines again. She was last night’s runaway winner at the MTV VMA awards ceremony, putting seven awards firmly under her belt. These included the coveted ‘Video of the Year’ prize for hit single ‘Formation’. As these annual awards reward artistes on their visual contributions to the world of music, this is high praise indeed.

And it got me thinking about Beyonce’s whole visual package. Yes, she makes a great video (well, someone makes it for her), but she looks great. Always. All the time.

Polished dressing is the American way, and Beyonce pushes all the right buttons. Post-baby, and with curves that define her, she looked amazing as the USA Gymnastic Team presented her with an award. And if you can hold your own on the world stage against the teen-hardbodies that surround you, you’re doing something right.

So what’s her secret?

Apart from the obvious diet and exercise, and enough money to pay for the best of both, my humble opinion is that she employs the favourite of the errant curve – Lycra.


Introduced to the clothing market in 1962 by DuPont, Lyrca has revolutionised the way we wear what we wear. Known for it’s superb elasticity, Lycra is the go-to fabric for a figure-hugging silhouette and freedom of movement, making it the perfect choice for the Queen of Stagewear -Beyonce. Add sequins, sparkle and a huge ‘do’, and she’s ready to rock & roll.

Super-talented, hardworking, and always beautifully presented, Beyonce’s the perfect ambassador for Lycra. And given the 2016 Olympic USA Gymnastics Team were kitted out in the same during the previous weeks in Rio, their award presentation was indeed a fitting tribute.

So – if in doubt, go Lycra. Comfortable, flattering and great for making curves look fab not fat!